IoT Professional Services

Driving Transformation,
Delivering Value Add

We support organisations to drive transformation and value from their IoT investments.

Empowered designs, deploys, supports and manages IoT networks underpinning the millions of connected devices & sensors provided by IoT technology vendors and developers.

We deliver value to our customers by ensuring the availability of the data driven by the sensors and devices. The value of this data is only realised if it is continually collected and utilised to drive the required output (and ROI) for each customer needs.

Beyond managing the devices and driving value from the IoT data, Empowered provides smart engineering teams to ensure the millions of sensors and devices remain online, driving continued value and revenue back to every customer we support.

Six Pillars Of IoT

The Internet of Things ‘IoT’ is based upon many building blocks. We believe that there are six key pillars fundamental to a successful IoT foundation and framework.


Fog Computing


Data Analysis


Application Enablement

Smart IoT Solutions

Since 2015, Empowered has become a leading IoT Managed Service Provider, providing Smart Design, Deployment and Management.

Smart Design





Smart Deployment

Wide reaching deployment​

Quality management​

Maximising infrastructure​

Large scale wired and wireless networks​

Smart Management

Real-time data analysis​

Asset mapping & tracking​

Smart Engineering
geo-fenced workforce

Enabling proactive management​