Building trust to support the journey to cloud adoption


When it comes to traditional telephony, whilst a significant number of organisations have moved to the benefits of a cloud-based solution, there remains a core group of businesses and customers who remain loyal to their traditional on-prem PBX systems.

Ultimately, it is likely that some of these systems have been in place for many years and just continue to work. However, some have been neglected over time with insufficient maintenance and software assurance, with the last available revisions having not been implemented. These older systems might remain stable, with only occasional breaks and continue to deliver. Thus, your customers may not even be aware of the risks.

Why are some customers still not taking the leap to the cloud?

Simply, it could be attributable to one or more of the following factors:

Our experience in telephony demonstrates that some of our partners’ customers remain loyal to their on-prem systems and are likely to resist any change, even with the upcoming end of PSTN and ISDN services known as the “Big Switch Off”.

The Solution

Empowered can support partners to secure their customers’ trust and get them on the path to cloud adoption, whilst ensuring no dramatic upheaval.

Firstly, Empowered can help prolong the life of existing PBX estates by stabilising the maintenance services and where possible, extending the life of these key assets by upgrading the systems to the last known software release.

In some instances, this can be wrapped in as part of partners’ existing contracts with their customers and can help add capabilities to the systems extending your value to the customer.

Secondly, by partnering with Empowered, we will help you as their solution provider to gain commercially by moving customers who are currently outsourced to other service providers to you, bringing real commercial advantage.

Finally, as part of the service taken on with a partner, we as standard, undertake maintenance acceptance tests where we audit the estate.

This will enable your service and sales teams to be fully informed of what’s installed today and the exact customer needs in the future, giving you a commercial advantage when it comes to planning their migration strategy to “what next,” lengthening your customer engagement and helping to secure ongoing revenues.

Empowered can provide support across all key hardware vendors including Unify, Avaya, Nortel, Mitel, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and many more.