Physical Infrastructure
Solutions for all structured cabling needs and requirements

Powering Your Performance

The physical infrastructure is the conduit for the entire enterprise network and is the foundation upon which all other IT activities depend.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, IT decision makers need to make the right choice for today, as well as making versatile, future-proof infrastructure decisions.

As a significant, strategic company decision, it is essential that a properly designed, installed and administered high performance cabling infrastructure system is adopted, that reduces costs through each phase of its lifecycle: installation; moves, add-ons and changes; maintenance and administration. To provide resilience and dependability, the importance of quality, reliable cabling cannot be underestimated.

Integrated Services

Empowered’s physical infrastructure services offer the solutions for all structured cabling needs and requirements. Empowered presents customers with a completely integrated service, from initial infrastructure design to installation, maintenance and support.

Delivering Optimum Efficiency

Our extensive knowledge of voice, electrical and data technology ensures that your cabling infrastructure will deliver optimum productivity and efficiency.

Empowered provides:

Full consultancy and infrastructure design service

Knowledge and expertise to give you a trouble-free installation

Scalable project management, with the ability to adapt quickly to change

Tailor-made support contracts

Dedicated and highly trained workforce

Full testing and documentation, backed by full manufacturer warranties

Quality assurance

Full voice integration

Future-Proofed and Protected

Empowered uses industry-leading manufacturers, providing resilience and manageability across a client’s physical infrastructure.

By selecting Empowered’s physical infrastructure services, customers have the reassurance that their investment will be future-proofed and protected.