Interview With Empowered & OrderWork Heads of Operations


David Jault & Shelley Brown discuss delivering best practice as Head of Operations for Empowered and OrderWork and Their Goals for 2023 Q: You both hold the position of Head of Operations for OrderWork and Empowered respectively, tell us more about your roles. David Jault: I have overall responsibility for delivering our diverse, often complex, […]

The Physical Infrastructure: Enabling Versatile, Future-proofed Connectivity

The Challenge In today’s workplace, post-COVID, organisations have reduced the need for wired connectivity whilst increasing the importance of the wireless infrastructure as the primary method of connectivity. However, the Wi-Fi infrastructure is still totally reliant on the underlying physical cabling layer, requiring IT decision makers to make the right choice for today, as well […]

Evolving A Wireless LAN Infrastructure

We understand that our partners are with their customers day in and day out, helping them design and implement their IT digital transformation strategies. To ensure that their workforce remains flexible, agile and capable in their working environments, one key component of their infrastructure remains their Wireless LAN infrastructure. At Empowered we understand that as your […]

Supporting the adoption of SDWAN

The Challenge When it comes to the installation of a customer’s new SDWAN solution, to ensure a first-class customer experience and an optimised commercial proposition, MSP provisioning teams must closely synchronise all the key elements of the solution including: Ordering the last mile connection from wholesale providers. Ordering the router device. Arranging the installation service. […]

Extending the life of your telephony estate

The Challenge While most of the business world has made the move to a cloud-based telephony solution, there are some customers who remain loyal to their traditional on-premise PBX / Telephony systems. For these customers (many of which reside in public sector), it’s likely these systems have been running for many years. Some may have […]

Solving the complexities delivering internationally

The Challenge Delivering global IT projects presents most organisations with a unique set of challenges when managing complex transformation programmes.  A key objective is always to drive delivery efficiencies through sound preparation, to enable real-time status reporting and selecting the right resources on the ground to get the job done, first time. Many larger companies […]