Update from David Jault, Operations Director on driving health & safety best practice in 2024

Empowered is on a journey to improve its Health and Safety knowledge and practices. That is a tough thing to say because surely H&S practices should be as good as they can get? We understand that there are always areas that we can improve upon, processes that can reviewed and brought up to date, and some technologies that can be used to make processes easier for us to manage workflow.

Empowered is currently working in all sorts different of environments, from retail outlets to corporate offices, vast warehouses to secure government installations. H&S risks are managed and controlled in all of these examples, using the same building blocks and processes. Some environments may inherently have more risks to consider, but our review processes are the same to capture the risks and mitigate them. Where we need to, we bring in external specialist advice, giving us the safest outcome when designing a project.

Some end-user organisations will be required to review all of our H&S documentation and approaches before the project is given the go-ahead. We always engage with the customer’s H&S team early on. Like any other discipline in a project, the H&S design can run in parallel to other disciplines in the overall solution design – we have had great success with this approach, it is sometimes not all about shiny new technology!

Over two years ago, we decided to certify on the “Safe Contractor” scheme. Going through that process kicked off our desire to improve several areas and putting processes in place has allowed us to grow into more complex environments for delivery over the past year. We can now confidently engage early on in the H&S solution development for the delivery environment; for example, we are currently delivering a WiFi survey, design and upgrade for some of the largest warehouses in the UK, that are concurrently in production use 24×7. We could not consider projects like this without our recent knowledge-step-change and engagement in all things H&S.

However, Empowered is not stopping there, we will continue with further training for the whole business, continuing to improve our electronic record keeping and online site files. Our toolbox talks are documented electronically too, so that all the team has something to refer back to.

For any IT business, Health and Safety is not just for the Health and Safety team to sort out. Like any good H&S training course will teach, we are all responsible for each other. At Empowered, we know this is the right way to run safe projects.

You can learn more about how we deliver projects here: https://www.empowereduk.com/deliver or contact our sales team for further information at [email protected].

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