Update on a current managed service network infrastructure programme in the major government sector

Empowered is delighted to give some insight into a current managed service network infrastructure programme we are delivering for a key strategic partner and their client in the major government sector. Empowered stepped in to support and deliver a high-volume maintenance contract when the existing incumbent was unable to continue.

With difficult ongoing constraints and initially only able to use the existing field workforce, Empowered has, from the first month of engagement, improved the perception, response, and overall expectations for the customer. This continued throughout the first contract year, where we have implemented new ideas from the monthly reviews and increased the fault fixed volume completed in year one by over 200%.

Michael Hall, Engineering Manager at Empowered commented: “From the initial meeting with the customer, it was evident that they were frustrated at the level of service they were receiving on this work and wanted a dramatic change to improve the whole contract. By working closely with the customer, we established what they needed and their ideal solution. Empowered then set standards with all involved, clearly identifying the responsibilities and required levels of service. From the administration, with regular correspondence, a tenacious approach and regular updates, through to Engineers with a right first-time approach, we have exceeded the customer’s expectations and Empowered has become a partner on the contract rather than just a supplier.”

The outcome thus far has seen Empowered resolving over 4500 fixed issues. This outcome has also resulted in the customer moving its operating ticket-based system onto Empowered’s ‘My OrderWork’ platform, which has given the partner greater visibility of every aspect of the service, from order to completion of each fault.

We are delighted that as a result, an automatic renewal of this contract was granted for another year and Empowered has been selected for more of this customer’s installation and build work.

You can learn more about how we deliver comprehensive and seamlessly managed IT solutions and services here: https://www.empowereduk.com/smart-support-services or contact our sales team for further information at [email protected].

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