Solving the complexities delivering internationally

The Challenge

Delivering global IT projects presents most organisations with a unique set of challenges when managing complex transformation programmes.  A key objective is always to drive delivery efficiencies through sound preparation, to enable real-time status reporting and selecting the right resources on the ground to get the job done, first time.

Many larger companies have worldwide operations with in-country presence and it’s quite typical, when embarking on an international project, for partners and customers to utilise a blend of their own internal teams supplemented with a range of distributed in-country delivery partners.

However, this approach is not risk free, as each delivery partner may have different approaches, interpretations of skills needed may vary and certainly all will have unique systems and processes which add to the complexity.

In order to drive success in any large global transformation programme, many of these aspects must be overcome to enable a diverse, multicultural team, to all pull in the same direction seamlessly and aligned to a single common goal.

The Solution

Empowered brings significant experience in delivering global programmes across most territories, technologies and techniques. We always focus our efforts in establishing a successful communication strategy across all the moving parts of the team.

Establish a Common Communication Methodology

At the outset of any project, our teams communicate and collaborate with all parties involved to discuss and agree the right methods of communication across all available channels, the format and frequency for both informal and formal communications.

Transparency, Openness and Honesty

A key element of successful communication is understanding cultural differences. Clarifying different perspectives will help to build trust and loyalty between the teams which will in turn encourage honesty and accuracy when progress is reported and having a policy of transparency and openness   helps to align everyone involved in the project.

Clearly Defined Expectations

We never underestimate the importance for our PMO to clearly define expectations for the overall project work as well as any individual tasks and to provide detailed feedback on all completed tasks to support continuous improvements.

The Empowered approach

Since 2005, Empowered has utilised both a “plug-in resources network” of tried and trusted, known and proved and rated contractor associates numbering over 6,500.  In addition, we have developed our “plug-in partner network” of almost 250 delivery organisations with an expanded range of capabilities providing access to a further 6,000 resources across 148 countries.

Empowered employs a centralised services operation team based in the UK, combining our PMO, core technical design teams and resource management teams all underpinned by our MyOrderWork lifecycle services platform.

One of our global telecommunications partners recently shared the following testimonial:

“Whilst we have large extensive internal delivery teams, working with Empowered is just easier.  They react quickly to support any new customer opportunities and enable us swiftly to wrap our solution with a fully managed professional installation service. We have now delivered several projects working with Empowered and all have gone perfectly. I cannot recommend them highly enough”.

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