Extending the life of your telephony estate

The Challenge

While most of the business world has made the move to a cloud-based telephony solution, there are some customers who remain loyal to their traditional on-premise PBX / Telephony systems.

For these customers (many of which reside in public sector), it’s likely these systems have been running for many years. Some may have been neglected along the way and software assurance – at least to the last available revisions – may not have been implemented.

In general, however, these systems remain stable, don’t break that often and just keep delivering.

So, why are these customers not taking the leap to the cloud?

It could be down to:

  1. The complexity or hassle of change
  2. Budget constraints
  3. A lack of confidence in the new technology

Or it simply could be all three…..

What we know for sure is that despite the end of PSTN / ISDN services on the horizon (the “Big Switch Off”), these customers continue to find ways to keep their systems functioning rather than switching to the cloud.

The Solution

We can help prolong the life of any of your customers’ existing PBX estates by stabilising the maintenance services and, where possible, extending the life of these key assets by upgrading the systems to the last known software release.

In some instances, this can be included as part of your existing contract with them and can help add capabilities to their systems. Empowered can also make recommendations on suitable gateways in the market that will enable the system PSTN/ISDN interfaces to connect to IP environments, further extending your value to the customer.

By partnering with us, you also gain real commercial advantage. Firstly, we can help migrate systems – a task that’s usually outsourced to other service providers. And secondly, we undertake maintenance acceptance tests when we audit the estate, as standard.

So, when it comes to planning your customer’s migration strategy, your sales team will be fully informed of the specifics of each customer requirement, helping to strengthen customer engagement and secure ongoing revenues.

The Benefit of Empowered’s PBX Support Services

A partnership with us enables your customers to use their asset for as long as possible, giving them time to make the right decision for them – a key benefit during a global recession.

We recently helped a large pharmacy retail customer with a large-scale PBX requirement. Due to a failing supplier, on-site support for over 850 of their sites was migrated to our PBX support service over a four-week period.

A full-service wrap started from day one and a seamless switch over was achieved, alleviating any downtime to the customer and their clients. The service has delivered exceptionally high fault resolution and the success has led to a longer-term relationship and increased business opportunities for our partner.

We can provide our PBX support services across 90% of the traditional telephony vendors including Avaya, Mitel, Nortel, Unify, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and more, with accredited and trained resources and spares delivering:

  • White labelled tailored maintenance and support packages delivered nationwide
  • Multiple manufacturers supported on a single maintenance agreement
  • Single point of support ownership for all service incident requests
  • 24/7 remote diagnosis of technical faults
  • Access to over 100 field engineers and £20M spare parts across the UK and Eire
  • No competitive threat – we’re partner focused and don’t contract directly with end user customers

To find out more about how we can help you build trust with your client base and secure ongoing revenues, the sales team at Empowered are ready to help you.

You can contact them by emailing [email protected]

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