Supporting the adoption of SDWAN

The Challenge

When it comes to the installation of a customer’s new SDWAN solution, to ensure a first-class customer experience and an optimised commercial proposition, MSP provisioning teams must closely synchronise all the key elements of the solution including:

  • Ordering the last mile connection from wholesale providers.
  • Ordering the router device.
  • Arranging the installation service.
  • All “just in time”.

However, whilst MSPs can utilise key supplier portals to order the circuit or even the product, all too often, they still have a legacy approach to coordinating the installation and commissioning of the connection.

For the installation service, it is quite likely that they still rely upon:

  • Manual service co-ordination, using e-mail and project tracker documents to record progress and outcomes, which incur unnecessary data entry costs often with “swivel chair” duplication across customer, internal and third-party supplier systems
  • They may have internal resources working with external suppliers to differing standards, processes and service levels with minimal collaboration and transparency
  • They may use a multitude of service delivery tools with no curation of workflows into automated stepped processes with manual sign off processes.

Understanding your challenge

At Empowered, we understand the challenges of dealing with SDWAN connectivity provisioning and we believe that service automation is the key to ensuring improved operational efficiencies whilst reducing complexity and supporting key objectives such as:

  • Reducing customer supply chain issues by optimising common delivery models with consistency, transparency and automation.
  • Ultimately moving to “as a service” models with shared risk and common “outcome driven” objectives to drive brand value, customer retention and customer experience.

The Empowered solution

Our solution combines our People, Processes and Systems underpinned by our lifecycle services management platform, “MyOrderWork” and our nationwide “plug-in” professional engineering network. Our service delivers a consistent outcome and excellent customer experience, with digitisation and automation of scheduling, resource allocation, acknowledgements, updates and sign off.

Through the platform and engineering mobile app, we provide a single point of access and control for partners, engineers and end customers for all service events. Furthermore, we can make the adoption of an aggregated delivery model across multiple resolver groups simple and effective by combining any internal resources and existing supply chain with our approved network of over 6,500 engineers. Finally, to fully digitise the end-to-end delivery journey, our platform can fully integrate with partners and supplier systems via open APIs.

The outcome

In summary, the MyOrderWork platform provides:

  • Transparent task reporting real-time.
  • Templated and customisable documentation.
  • Clear SoW’s and a defined customer approval process.
  • Delivery of both high volume and complex solutions.
  • Flexible commercial models from event driven to fully managed solutions.
  • Is underpinned by our dedicated service delivery team and customised management overview with bespoke reporting.
  • A customer satisfaction rating of over 99%.

A recent testimonial from a Network Connectivity Partner stated:

“By adopting the MyOrderWork platform, we have seen in-year commercial savings over the first year from operational efficiencies of approximately 30-40% and the service has been essential in helping us expedite our service introduction levels to customers.”

To find out more about how our “Software With a Service” proposition can help your delivery teams delight your customers, please contact [email protected].

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