The Physical Infrastructure: Enabling Versatile, Future-proofed Connectivity

The Challenge

In today’s workplace, post-COVID, organisations have reduced the need for wired connectivity whilst increasing the importance of the wireless infrastructure as the primary method of connectivity.

However, the Wi-Fi infrastructure is still totally reliant on the underlying physical cabling layer, requiring IT decision makers to make the right choice for today, as well as making versatile, future-proofed infrastructure decisions.

As a significant, strategic company decision, it is essential that a properly designed, installed and administered high performance cabling infrastructure system is adopted, that reduces costs through each phase of its lifecycle.

When it comes to building and delivering an effective wireless infrastructure, the underlying cabling needs to meet the following objectives:

  1. Scalability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Security
  4. Reliability
  5. Cost-effectiveness

The Solution

Empowered offers customers a completely integrated service, from the initial infrastructure design to installation, maintenance and support. Our extensive knowledge of voice, electrical and data technology ensures that a customer’s cabling infrastructure will deliver optimum productivity and efficiency.

Empowered’s Physical Infrastructure Services support customers across the following critical requirements:

Cabling Design:

A well-planned design should deliver the right bandwidth to the device, whilst providing scalability for future growth and changing technology. Empowered’s experienced consultants deep dive into the business requirements, from the cabling infrastructure to the entire network, providing a complete connectivity solution.

Site Surveys:

A crucial factor in any successful cabling installation is the site survey, to identify the unique features and geography of a customer’s site. The specific architectural features of the buildings will be thoroughly considered by Empowered’s consultants.

Installation and Project Management:

Each installation is carried out by our accredited and certified engineers and overseen by an experienced project manager, to ensure that a project is completed within the designated timescales. Our in-house engineers are trained to the highest standards for major cabling systems, providing quality workmanship and a fully certified network structure.

Testing and Documentation:

We provide full testing and documentation for a customer’s cabling, guaranteeing confidence in their new cabling system, ensuring we leave their premises clean, tidy and as we originally found them.

Vendor Independence:

Empowered uses industry-leading manufacturers, providing resilience and manageability which will be future-proofed and protected.

Supporting The Physical Layer In-Life 

Approximately 80% of network failures are located at the physical layer. Organisations from start-ups to multinationals are increasingly facing the challenge of unexpected faults. requiring unplanned resourcing and importantly, unforeseen costs.

Empowered provides full maintenance and support for customers’ cabling systems and warranties of up to 25 years, as well as offering tailor-made support contracts. These give customers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that all their future maintenance and technical support needs can be covered comprehensively.

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