Interview With Empowered & OrderWork Heads of Operations

David Jault & Shelley Brown discuss delivering best practice as Head of Operations for Empowered and OrderWork and Their Goals for 2023

Q: You both hold the position of Head of Operations for OrderWork and Empowered respectively, tell us more about your roles.

David Jault: I have overall responsibility for delivering our diverse, often complex, projects and services to our clients and end users at Empowered. I work with the team to take services from concept to reality. My role is to also ensure that we always deliver a high-quality service, with a happy customer to show for it.

That’s the glamorous bit: in the background, and just as critical, I am responsible for H&S, quality management, accreditations, team development, growth and capacity planning.

Shelley Brown: I’m responsible for the end-to-end client, customer, and network journey at OrderWork. I support and guide the operational teams to deliver best in service, via our network of OWLs and our customer service team.

I’m a self-confessed data geek; part of my role is to ensure we gain insight from our data rich platform to enable us to continually assess and improve every aspect of our customer experience and ensure we deliver against our business objectives. We can see the effects with our market-leading ‘Right First Time’ statistics. Additionally, my role supports our growth within our network. It’s critical that we always have the appropriate skilled resources available to deliver services on time, quality and cost.

Q: What are the challenges facing our partners at the moment?

DJ: After delays caused by Covid and challenges across equipment availability in 2022, infrastructure projects are wanted thick and fast. As this happens, legacy solutions are also challenged, all resulting in opening the flood gates of backed up tech change projects and support needs! There is currently a limited availability of skilled staff to deliver, with the pressure of inflating salaries.

SB: We predominantly support the consumer market via key partners within retail, manufacturer sales, energy (to name a few). Buying trends have changed significantly since Covid, more so these last couple of years with the cost-of-living crisis – thus impacting the way we all spend money today and this has had a direct impact on growth within the consumer market.

Q: How do we ensure we always effectively support our customers?

DJ: Our ability to be nimble, reactive and able to convert an idea to a running solution efficiently and quickly is a key advantage. Being able to call on a very large team of experts at all levels and flexibly assembling a solution using that team reflects our agility that supports our customers. We use systems and automation that help to shorten processes and delays in unnecessary manual steps – we are always challenging those processes.

SB: We support our clients and customers by providing access to a network of skilled resources across the UK, all of which is done via our innovative market-leading platform. At our core, we provide a fully managed, guaranteed installation service, at a fixed nationwide price. All our services are built to complement our partners’ sales offering and always enhance their customers’ Net Promoter Scores. We are an agile organisation, which means we can rapidly design and implement our solutions, allowing our partners to go to market with the assurance that whilst it is their customer, it is our responsibility.

Q: What are some of your key objectives over the next 6-12 months?

SB: My key objectives will tackle enhancements to our delivery model, such as launching new services as well as launching our new ‘Feet on the Street’ service via our platform. This service will enable our partners to be more self-sufficient in transacting with us and allow them to unlock more on-demand services in a more dynamic way. Watch this space!

DJ: I want to establish new project tools and upgrade our resource management platform to benefit all our customers. New services can then be offered and those in delivery will improve across many aspects of efficiency.

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