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How To Evolve Resourcing On Demand With Managed Outcomes

The Challenge

Within the IT channel partners remain challenged when resolving their resource peaks in demand. With evolving legislation continuing to drive a workforce shift towards PAYE work, partners are faced with a reduced pool of available contract resources willing to consider opportunities inside IR35, as well as driving an overall increase in rates across the market.

Some organisations will only consider permanently employed options, but this hugely affects their agility to scale quickly; for the companies still reliant upon the temporary contract market to fill their gaps, they must undertake a time-consuming hiring process, which whilst could bring in new resources, most may not be known and are untried. Subsequently, any potential quality issues may only become apparent once a project is underway, adding potential delays, further cost and project risk.

Alternatively, organisations could look to outsourcing models, shifting defined work packages to third parties to deliver. However, this introduces potential risks to their brand, with subcontractor models being transparent to their customers and a partial loss of control over the delivery resources with potentially elevated delivery costs.

The Solution

Empowered understands that partners need to evolve their delivery models to reflect rapidly changing technology delivery requirements and must establish a range of solutions to meet their resource demands, whilst remaining compliant with current and future legislation.

One flexible, compliant solution which Empowered delivers to partners is its “Resourcing with an Outcome” service. This hybrid model combines some of the characteristics of a time-driven “resourcing on demand” engagement with rapid availability, underpinned by an “outcome-based” scoped, deliverable approach.

Partners are supported by Empowered’s world class PMO team who operate robust and proven processes, based on Prince II and ITIL “Best Practice” methodologies, providing confidence that the engagements will be completed successfully every time and to high standards and positive customer satisfaction.

The key principles for these engagement types are:

  1. They are wrapped with an overarching outcome.
  2. Milestones are defined but can be flexible and driven by effort delivered or financial stage.
  3. They may have a fixed amount of effort to complete the tasks but could be variable and subject to change control.
  4. Empowered remains responsible for delivering the outcome and therefore is required to remedy any issues.
  5. All resources are underwritten by Empowered, removing the need for the partner to interview with us, retaining the ability to rotate resources when necessary.

This model enables Empowered to take the “hirer” status in the supply chain, leaving the engagement exempt from IR35 protecting both Empowered, its partner and the resource.

A Network Practice Director at a Tier 1 Global VAR stated:

“In my role I have no hesitancy in calling Empowered. The team understands the industry we work in and after a brief conversation around location, type of role, skillset required, and duration, Empowered will resource the person that we would need.  On one occasion this has been with only two days’ notice. This person is doing an excellent job on a client site and meeting all expectations. The Empowered team has never failed to deliver the right resource, at the right time and within budget.”

The Benefits of Resourcing with an Outcome

Empowered’s Resource with an Outcome services delivers:

  • Access to the flexible, agile, on-demand models from Empowered’s traditional resourcing services, with agreed deliverables and pricing.
  • Time monitored, project managed, agreed commercial models with milestones and IR35 compliant.

Find out more

Visit https://www.empowereduk.com/flexible-resourcing-services or contact our sales team at [email protected] to find out more.

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